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Tonga - Tonga - Rudy Wairata And His New Polynesians - Its Aloha Again (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Gukora says:
    society which had already extended its influence beyond its own islands. Over a century-and-a-half later, British explorer Captain James Cook was equally impressed in and again in When he returned for a final visit in , he left two gifts. To the people of Tonga, their nickname -the Friendly Isles. To the paramount chief, or Tu.
  2. Vogore says:
    Tonga - Tonga - History: Tonga was first inhabited about 3, years ago by Austronesian-speaking people of the Lapita culture, best known from their elaborately decorated pottery. From at least the 10th century ce Tonga was ruled by a line of sacred kings and queens, the Tu‘i Tonga. About the reigning Tu‘i Tonga transferred his temporal powers to his brother under the title of Tu‘i.
  3. Narg says:
    Captain James Cook visited Tonga in , and again in , spending enough time to make & record observations of Tongan society and culture. He made good use of the sheltered Malaia (Maria) Bay behind Kanokupolu village before venturing into Fanga’uta Lagoon to meet the Tu’i Tonga at the ancient capital of Mu’a.
  4. Bralkis says:
    Destination Tonga, a virtual guide to the Polynesian kingdom formerly known as the Friendly Islands, an archipelago of more than islands in the South Pacific Ocean south east of Fiji, south of Samoa, 2, km north east of Auckland, NZ and 3, km east of Brisbane, Australia. Tonga .
  5. Kenos says:
    Sep 30,  · Tonga is thought to be colonized by the Lapita around BCE. Samoa and Tonga is where the distinctive Polynesian culture developed. Polynesian Navigation: These early Polynesians were known for their seafaring skills and intricate knowledge of navigation passing it down through oral history from generation to generation. They are.
  6. Shakahn says:
    The islands are settled by Polynesians. A hereditary Tongan monarchy rules over Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Fiji, and others. The Tui Tonga becomes more of a sacred ruler and creates the Hau office. The Hau rules in governmental affairs, and is called the Ha`atakaluaua Dynasty. Dutch navigators Schouten and Lemaire visit Tonga. British Captain James Cook visits.
  7. Nikojora says:
    The new king, who ascended the throne at a time of economic struggle for Tonga, established a special treaty with Britain in that provided assistance for Tonga in negotiating foreign affairs. Five years later, an amendment to the treaty made Tonga a British protectorate. After George Tupou II’s death in , his daughter became queen.
  8. Ararn says:
    The Constitution of Tonga acknowledges that these two roles of the Monarch are combined within the dignity and body of the one person. The form of Government for the Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy under His Majesty and successors, as provided under the Constitution.. Head of State -.

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